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8. Modeling Retell – 1st

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Modeling Retell – 1st

Grade Level: First Grade

School: Waiakea Elementary School

Location: Hilo, Hawaii

Videographer: Dima Yaremenko

Elapsed Time:  8:00

Introduction: When comprehension strategies are introduced, they should be carefully modeled so that students will have a good idea of how to proceed.  During modeling, the teacher should show and tell students how to perform the strategy.  If the demonstration is long, it is also wise to elicit responses from the students.  In this video, Dr. Archer is modeling how to retell a factual article using word prompts.

Focus: As you watch this video,

List any good practices that you observed.


List any good practices that you observed.

During the lesson, the teacher:

1.  Elicited responses from the students including:

  • Group responses (Choral responses)
  • Partner responses
  • Thumbs up/down.

2.  Maintained the attention of the students by:

  • Being prepared for instruction
  • Using a perky pace
  • Monitoring students as they worked with partners
  • Creating a positive environment
  • Acknowledging students for their efforts withpositive comments and the butterfly clap.

3.  Modeled retell by:

  • Showing and telling students how to retell
  • Involving students in the retell.

4.  Monitored and coached students by:

  • Moving from partners to partners.
  • Using the monitoring strategy:  “Walk around.  Look around.  Talk around.
  • Prompting them with “What happened next?”

5. Monitored and adjusted the lesson by:

  • Directing partners to prompt their partners with the question, “What happened next?”

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