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Review by Donald D. Deshler, PhD

“If I had to recommend one book that would arm teachers with the instructional practices they’d need to have the greatest chance of dramatically improving their students’ achievement, this would be the one.  This book is the definitive source on explicit instruction.  Every page is filled with detailed descriptions of how to implement the most powerful explicit instruction teaching practices. This book is brilliantly conceptualized and written – it will be embraced by practicing teachers and administrators as well as those preparing future educators. In a word, it’s a masterpiece!”

Donald D. Deshler, PhD

Williamson Family Distinguished Professor of Special Education

Director, Center for Research on Learning

University of Kansas

Review by Kevin Feldman, EdD

“Archer and Hughes have laid bare the architecture of effective instruction in this ‘must-read’ volume. Extensive research has converged on quality of instruction as the core ingredient in school improvement; the genius of this book is the clarity with which it explicates how this quality can be intentionally developed in every classroom. Each strategy or process is illustrated with concrete examples from diverse classrooms. In my 40 years in education, I have never before seen a book as insightful, comprehensive, and practical as this one. Every educator will treasure it

Kevin Feldman, EdD

Emeritus Director of Reading and Intervention

Sonoma County (California) Office of Education

Review by Courtney Dexter, MEd

“Explicit instruction is something that benefits every single student, not just those with learning difficulties. This book breaks down how to deliver explicit instruction for a variety of content areas, skill sets, and strategies in a way that will effectively reach a diverse group of learners. As a teacher of both general and special education students, I have had a tremendous amount of success with all of my students by utilizing the principles outlined in this book. This is a valuable resource for all teachers.”

Courtney Dexter, MEd

Special education teacher

Bellefonte Area Middle School, Bellefonte, Pennsylvania

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