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Description:  Dr. Archer has had the opportunity to demonstrate explicit instructional lessons in many general and special education classes.  These video clips illustrate many of the concepts and practices introduced in Explicit Instruction: Effective and Efficient Teaching. Teachers, faculty members, and teachers-in-training are invited to view these video clips, to analyze and critique the instructional procedures.

Suggestions for use: Each video clip is accompanied by a video guide.  We suggest that you download and print the guide before watching the video.  Read the description of the video and the suggested video focus.  As you watch the video, take notes in response to the focus questions.  After viewing the video, share your observations with your colleagues and read the feedback provided by Dr. Archer.

Limits on videos use: .  No individual or agency is given permission to post these videos on a for-profit website or use them in any manner in which financial gain occurs without written permission from Dr. Archer.

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