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8. Vocabulary Review – Fourth Grade

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Vocabulary Review – Fourth Grade

Grade Level: Fourth Grade

School: Jefferson Elementary School

Location: Wichita, Kansas

Videographers: Wichita Public Schools (USD 259) Media Production Services. Staff Members: Mark Mohesky, Jennifer Bellinger-Sipes, Micael D. Smith, Jennifer Hartman

Web Master: Dima Yaremenko

Elapsed Time: 5:36

Introduction: In order to insure that students retain the vocabulary that has been taught, the teacher must plan for distributed practice (review) and cumulative review. Distributed practice would entail short review sessions (three to five minutes) following the initial instruction. This video illustrates one practice activity that would require minimal preparation.

Focus: As you watch this video,

1) Determine the steps in the review activity.
2) Identify any other good instructional practices.


1) Determine the steps in the review activity.

a) The words to be reviewed have been listed and numbered and displayed on the screen. If a word wall was established, the words could be number 1 to 10. If the number goes beyond 10, a different color marker could be used to number additional words.
b) The teacher gives a hint about one of the words. (I am thinking of a word that means….. )
c) Students locate the correct word in the list and with their fingers form the number corresponding to the word.
d) The teacher directs the students, “Show me.” Students put up the number of fingers matching their chosen answer.
e) The teacher monitors student answers and provides feedback and additional explanation if needed.

2) Identify any other good instructional practices.
Structured Active Participation

• Choral Responses – Students say answers together when signaled.
• Partner Responses – The teacher asks a question, provides thinking time, and then calls on a student.
• Acting out – Students act out whirlwind.
• Hand signals – Students think of the answer on a numbered list, form the number on their desk, and then display the number of fingers upon request.

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